Consoltica, Inc. computer experts have been the premiere source of affordable Information Technology consulting services for businesses in the capital District Area and throughout the United States and offers immediate remote troubleshooting and phone support anywhere in the country.

Information technology is becoming the key enabler of business transformation. From optimizing operations and enhancing performance to improving customer service and increasing competitive advantage, leading organizations are discovering how the transformation of business processes and the application of emerging technologies can advance their business goals.
We use the highest performing and reliable technology available to find solutions that help clients gain a competitive edge by improving their responsiveness to customers while reducing cost and downtime. As a specialized complement to your internal IT department or as an outsourced team, we can help you make the most of your IT advantage, today and in the future.

Online Ticketing System
A web based application (ASP.Net, SQL Server) that allows users to create tickets online, sends email notification of tickets posted, allows users to post and review ticket status for tickets, generate various MIS on tickets.

Some of the key features:-
  • Create a Helpdesk request
  • Categorize requests based on application, priority, and category
  • Automatic email notification
  • Keeps communication history
  • Change/Release Management
  • Ability to Mass copy and update
  • Automatic Escalation based on SLA matrix
  • User defined security
  • Generate reports

Some of the benefits are:-
  • Capture entire support life cycle
  • Easy deployment
  • Easy ticket tracking and analysis
  • Quickly diagnose and resolve issues

Payment System
The Payment Gateway system is a secure, reliable, and easy to implement real-time transaction processing interface that connects web sites, call center applications, accounting systems and other applications to the appropriate payment processing network using any standard SSL encrypted Internet connection. A payment gateway provides the flexibility and scalability necessary to grow with your business while keeping you in control of the primary interface with your customer. The software is easy to install for small businesses, yet robust enough to accommodate the demands of integrated high volume processing applications and e-commerce web sites.

Process Benefits:
  • Your customer makes a purchase on your web site or a customer service representative enters the customer payment information into your processing application.
  • The payment information is encrypted and sent to the Payment Gateway System for processing. The payment gateway checks the transaction for fraud, determines which processing network is required to authorize the transaction and routes the information accordingly. The response from the processing networks is re-encoded and returned to the requesting web server or application at your business. The whole process typically takes 7 seconds or less.
  • Helps your business application processes the response and handles the result appropriately. The gateway can be optionally configured to send an e-mail response directly to the customer.
  • Periodically, usually once per day, the Payment Gateway System will forward all of the approved payment transactions to the appropriate network for settlement. The funds will usually show up in your business account within 48 to 72 hours, depending on the terms of your merchant processing agreement.

Email Marketing Solution
Email Marketing solutions are quickly becoming popular for government,educational, and commercial organizations to send newsletters to their constituents. By combining the power of a frequently updated web site with an email marketing solution,organizations affordably turn their web site presence into a two way communication channel to educate web visitors and allow them to give immediate feedback much more affordably than any direct mail or telemarketing can ever obtain. By sending out newsletters with hyperlinks back to a landing page on your web site that has a polling survey or a request for action not only educates but turns constituents into advocates.These advocates forward their emails to other individuals that have the same mindset as they do and increase traffic to your web site.

Major Features:
  • Create and manage custom email newsletters using ready to use Revize® templates.
  • Interested visitors who want to subscribe newsletters can sign up on the web site using a simple sign up form.
  • Ability to import contacts from Outlook, MSN, Yahoo, Google address books.
  • Ability to export contacts in a CSV format.
  • Extremely easy to use interface to create graphics rich email content using our WISYWIG editor
  • Ability to send newsletters to different interest groups using an easy to use interface.
  • Unsubscribe link is automatically put in every newsletter, if people don't want to continue the subscription.
  • Detailed online reports showing number of emails received , number of wrong email addresses, number of emails opened etc are available.
  • 95% delivery success rate with our unique technology to get around different SPAM filters.