Consoltica have industry experts on board working closely with clients to enrich application with newer workflow resulting in cost effective solutions and enormous earnings and savings for our clients.

Information technology is becoming the key enabler of business transformation. From optimizing operations and enhancing performance to improving customer service and increasing competitive advantage, leading organizations are discovering how the transformation of business processes and the application of emerging technologies can advance their business goals.
We use the highest performing and reliable technology available to find solutions that help clients gain a competitive edge by improving their responsiveness to customers while reducing cost and downtime. As a specialized complement to your internal IT department or as an outsourced team, we can help you make the most of your IT advantage, today and in the future.

Retail: Point of Sales
We have industry experts on board working closely with clients to enrich application with newer workflow resulting in cost effective solutions and enormous earnings and savings for our clients.

Below is a glimpse of what we have done in the solutions provided to our existing clients across the globe:
  • Handheld Device Workflows:
    • Door to Door Selling / Ex-Van Sales
    • Pre-sales
    • Pre-sales from 3rd party distribution centre

  • Functionalities:
    • Orders Placement and Delivery
    • Cash / Charge Payments and Settlements.
    • Invoicing and Delivery note printing via serial, blue tooth enabled printers.
    • View and Give Promotions based on authorization (manual and auto).
    • Support of promotions such as Buy X Get Y Free, % Of, Amount Of.
    • Product Returns (good and stales), Free Samples.
    • Help to sell abilities such as suggested load, visit history, drop size, point of sales stock.
    • Bank Deposit
    • Vehicle information setup.
    • Messaging for salesman and customers
    • Market Survey — Competitor, Product, Feedbacks, New Products and Initiatives.
    • Barcode Scanning support
    • Manifestation Support
    • Delivery Van Inventory Management with functions like Load, Unload, Transfer, Enter Physical inventory with supporting onscreen search, views and reports.
    • Customer Rack Inventory.
    • Visibility of distribution centers stock (Auto and On request synchronization)
    • Van to Van Transfer
    • Route Control and Customer Sequencing
    • One click Start and End day workflows
    • Tele communication (TCOMM) via LAN, GPRS, GSM.
    • Back office integration via flat files and web services for master and transactional data of Orders, Routes, Promotions, Customer, Messages, authorization etc.
    • Integration with different types of location via plant warehouse, distribution centers, bin (limited) distribution centers.
    • Reports: Daily Sales, Daily Adjustments, Customer Serviced / not serviced, Day Summary, Day on Day comparison, Inventory.
    • Application compatible with multiple hardware and software ranging from handheld devices to tablets.
    • Password security for Hardware and Software Access with auto start-up for single application usage on handheld devices.
    • Multilingual support

  • Distribution Centre Workflows:
    • Organized Trade Order Management
    • Automated and Ad-hoc Distributor workflows
    • EDI workflows supporting Order Entry and Shipment/Invoicing
    • Auto Order based on demand / forecast

    • We have resources with expertise in implementation of Laboratory Information System (encompassing varied business models viz. Reference Labs, Veterinary Labs, Hospital Labs and Public Health labs), claim submission to insurance for laboratory & hospital services in manual and electronic formats like X12, NSF, HCFA and IDPA1122, phlebotomy system, implementing system following HIPPA regulations and creating paperless work places.

  • Transaction Processing and Management
  • The application can be deployed into many kinds of retailing and servicing enterprises, be it a single outlet or chains, it has the capability to help business owner to manage and operate more efficiently, reduce cost and also increase their sales. It has built-in POS (point of sales), inventory control, services tracking and also integrated marketing tools. The system in under production. More details will be available soon.

  • Inventory Management System:
    • The Opportunity:
    • A major FMCG company required an Inventory management system to manage and track the inventory of its plant and warehouse and integrate the inventory movement with their existing Oracle Process Manufacturing application and other legacy applications.
    • Our Approach:
      • Provide a user friendly application to allow user to perform various inventory movement operations and to interact and manage the inventory movements with OPM.
      • Allow user to perform different inventory movements at UOM level
      • Manage/Track the inventory of Plant (Manufacturing/Plant warehouse) and Distribution Center.
      • Capture the inventory movements performed through other application between Plant, DC and Customer, by defining proper interfaces.
      • Provide views and reports product-wise/warehouse-wise to view the on line Inventory for Product at PLANT/warehouse and logical location level.

    • Our Solutions:
      • Develop solution using J2EE Technology (Java, JDK 1.3.1, EJB) and using Oracle 9i Application Server and Oracle 9i Database along with required calls to Oracle Process Manufacturing Application
      • Usage of MVC architecture to enable ease of maintenance
      • Usage of Session Facade and Proxy design patterns
      • Usage of Java Swing components to develop User Interfaces which have a high usability
      • Transaction Management is achieved through Container Managed Stateless Session Beans.

    • Business Benefits:
      • On line inventory available for products at all levels of storage viz. Plant, Warehouse and logical location levels
      • Automated interfaces to all the other applications which affect the inventory, hence providing a consolidated view, to manage the inventory movement between the Plant, DC and Customer.
      • Manages the inventory movement between Plant Warehouse and Supplier.
      • Manages the inventory movement with Plant Warehouse and Plant Manufacturing.
      • Physical movements of inventory can be tracked against the theoretical movements.
      • Reports for various inventory movements' product wise and warehouse wise

  • Payment Gateway System:
  • The Payment Gateway system is a secure, reliable, and easy to implement real-time transaction processing interface that connects web sites, call center applications, accounting systems and other applications to the appropriate payment processing network using any standard SSL encrypted Internet connection. A payment gateway provides the flexibility and scalability necessary to grow with your business while keeping you in control of the primary interface with your customer. The software is easy to install for small businesses, yet robust enough to accommodate the demands of integrated high volume processing applications and e-commerce web sites.
    Process Benefits:
    • Your customer makes a purchase on your web site or a customer service representative enters the customer payment information into your processing application.
    • The payment information is encrypted and sent to the Payment Gateway System for processing. The payment gateway checks the transaction for fraud, determines which processing network is required to authorize the transaction and routes the information accordingly. The response from the processing networks is re-encoded and returned to the requesting web server or application at your business. The whole process typically takes 7 seconds or less.
    • Helps your business application processes the response and handles the result appropriately. The gateway can be optionally configured to send an e-mail response directly to the customer.
    • Periodically, usually once per day, the Payment Gateway System will forward all of the approved payment transactions to the appropriate network for settlement. The funds will usually show up in your business account within 48 to 72 hours, depending on the terms of your merchant processing agreement.