Consoltica, Inc. offers its customers concepts to help set up and manage new supply structures To ensure that those involved in health services can remain competitive in this fraught domain and within the competition.

The challenges faced by cost units and by service providers in health services are shaped on one hand by the increasing pressure of costs and on the other hand by regular increases in the quality of the services offered. To ensure that those involved in health services can remain competitive in this fraught domain and within the competition, Consoltica, Inc. offers its customers concepts to help set up and manage new supply structures. In addition we are also developing and implementing specific e-health strategies and providing consulting for all sorts of issues around mergers and organizational development.

The following healthcare featured services empower your system and organization:
  • Coordinating HIPAA compliance
  • IP (Internet Protocol) Telephony
  • Internet Security (IP and other)
  • Sales force automation
  • CRM

Healthcare Systems
Quick Assessment System
This application is designed to make the process of creating assessment reports more efficiently. The electronic form works by generating an editable and reader-friendly narrative based on the client's answers to interview questions, which can then be printed. This approach saves counselor's time by avoiding having to type or dictate the client's answers into a narrative assessment report. The counselor makes a diagnosis and writes the appropriate level of care and other recommendations.

Case Management system
The system enables Health Care Professionals and facility owners to focus on caring for clients while using the system to streamline all business aspects of the practice. The application suite for Home Care enables business owners and professionals to efficiently manage the entire home care operation. The system includes modules that enable maintaining client records, reviewing budgets, hiring and scheduling of employees, as well as communicating and integrating data across all locations. The system also allows remote access for its users. Therefore, it liberates employees to work offsite whenever necessary. Client information and documents, client details, relevant contacts, inter and intra departmental networking and many more elements are managed within one suite.

Additional Healthcare Services
Office Assessment: We assess your entire practice from top to bottom. We talk to everyone in the office, from the doctors to the receptionist. This is important as everyone's job will be affected by the change. Our assessment includes an in-depth analysis of the workflow in your office. This workflow analysis will standardize your office, make your staff more efficient, and streamline your business practices.
Research: After completing the analysis, we start to narrow down the field of software requirements that is available. We look at your particular medical/surgical/dental specialty, your workflow, and your needs to determine which technology solutions will be the best fit. We will discuss the results of your workflow analysis and identify 3-5 vendors to begin the selection process.
Vendor Selection/Presentations: We then bring in the vendors to present their software solutions to you. We go through this process with you so we can assist you in understanding the differences between the software solutions. This includes terminology, specific aspects of each software package, and how each package will meet your specific needs. We will then help you narrow down the field to 1 or 2 vendors for contract negotiation.
Contract Negotiation: We assist in the contract negotiation process to make sure the vendor includes everything you need in the contract, including but not limited to the ability to integrate your current software and any future software. We also make sure each vendor's pricing is compatible with industry standards.
Implementation Facilitation: During implementation, we will be your liaison with the vendor. We will make sure the vendor is complying with the negotiated contract. We make sure your staff is learning the system and that the implementation process is running smoothly and on schedule. Since patient care is of utmost importance, we will help you ensure a seamless transition.
Ongoing Maintenance and Future Integration: After the implementation, we will be available to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. It is important to "check-in" each quarter to make sure you are getting all the functionality out of your system that you need. We are also available to help with any future integration with hospitals, labs, and/or other software applications.