Technology Consulting

Consoltica offers the best possible technical staffing solutions for its clients. We value expertise and integrity in our industry and strive to be your most trusted advisor in securing your company's success.

We understand that great business ideas need appropriate utilization of tools and technologies by professionals who have in-depth knowledge and expertise to carry through projects from inception to completion and help attain business objectives as desired. A large team of specially trained and experienced recruiters constantly identify personnel and evaluate them not only with respect to their skill sets but also their communication capabilities, proven success record, behavioral pattern, time management capabilities, integrity and diligence.

Consoltica, Inc. Consulting Process Model:
We at Consoltica follow a Staffing model that is simple, easy to understand and goal-oriented.
  • Position Review -

    The objective of this process is to understand the client requirements and general demands of the market. Under this process, we review and understand each points of the requirement (technical or non-technical) and that help us in the next processes.

  • Candidate Filtering -

    After the position is reviewed and the requirement is understood, the next process is creating the list of suitable candidates based on the position. This process involves usually selection of 10 (for every position) best suited professionals for the desired position. We make sure that all the selected professionals in this process are suitable for the available task.

  • Screening -

    After selecting the best suited candidates, we go ahead with their in-house screening and interview sessions with respect to the required job. This process involves rigorous interview sessions and interviews are usually taken by industry-proven Project Managers, Business Analysts and technology Experts. At the end, screening process involves Selection of the Best Talent from the list of earlier selected Professionals.

  • Delivery -

    Once the right Talent for the job is identified and selected, we submit them to the Client or Stakeholders for their process.

Today's business systems or applications are often built using multiple technologies and platforms. With our Staffing Model, we are well-equipped to provide with quality Professionals for virtually any technology that you require. Whether it involves the cutting edge development or modernization of legacy tools, custom software or commercial applications, our resources can help you implement solutions involving a wide range of technologies. Consoltica has been serving various industries for the following technology platforms.