Government Solutions

When it comes to providing solutions to government organizations and agencies we are very serious and fully committed to deliver the best solutions. We ensure we follow all the process and abide by the governments rules, regulations, and policies. Any endeavors, task, assignments, or project we do with government federal, states, or counties we ensure process are being followed, and controlled from our side.

Currently we have done following government projects:
Government Projects in USA

Software application for state schools:
Consoltica has been providing software development and supports to counties in the state of Virginia and Maryland schools for last two years. The application allows schools to track their hardware and software orders, provide the order status and reports at their finger tips. We also developed the supply chain application called 'IMS' for our customer 'Daly Computers' in the state of Maryland who supports all the work orders for many schools in Maryland, and Virginia.

Government Projects in Nepal

Consoltica has been working with Nepal Water Supply Corporation a government organization for last three years doing various software development and supports. We have developed a billing software and implemented in eight states division successfully. Also deployed mobile meter reading device to all division which can digitally read the meter reading and print the bill on the spot for the customers. We are in the process of deploying this solutions to all the division throughout Nepal.