About Us


Founded in May of 2013, global principal office based in Altamont, New York, CONSOLTICA is a trusted IT innovative software solution, consulting, and staffing company. Since the establishment, company has served many clients globally in various industries. Our vision is everyday innovation, sustainable solution delivery, and remove the unproductive complexity by providing tailor-made innovative solutions; especially in application development, big data, business intelligence, ERP implementation, cloud migration, master data management, strategic process improvement, and project management areas.
We have been an integral part of many projects with government and private organizations since the establishment, and throughout these years we have focused on delivering the right solutions to our clients. While we will consistently expand our application development and Enterprise application support, we consistently focus on our niche areas of SAP implementations, business intelligence, application developments, consulting, and staffing.


Why do we exist?
Dedicate our entire focus 24/7 to change the unproductive traditional approach of doing business.


What we do accomplish our mission?
Everyday innovation, sustainable solutions delivery, and removing the business complexity by providing tailor- made trusted solutions to our clients.